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Freelance Design, Copywriting and Content Management

for Web and Print in Devon

You want technical skills

You want creative skills

And you want communication skills

Actually, when it comes to your business, you're quite demanding

You want your project to be excellent but you don't want to micromanage it

You want it on time but you don't want to keep chasing people

And you want options to choose from not problems to solve

You just want it to promote your business

This is what I do

I do all the stuff you want done and I do all the stuff you don't want to do

A Full Range of Digital Services

...and with me it's Personal

Range, flexibility and a great deal of experience working in and for smaller businesses. Pick up the phone or write me an email - how can I help you?


Click on items in this list to see examples of what I do:

Web Sites
Editing and Proofing
Design Templates
Catalogues, Leaflets etc
Images and Video
Family Memoirs
Books & eBooks

More examples of my work can be seen by clicking on the Recent Work link.