no picOSHO® Meditation Day

An Adventure Inside

The Afterglow

It was just brilliant to come together like and meditate and share. The UK's Zoom Crash stopped us for a while but we got back up and running later. Thankyou all for what you put into it and we hope you got lots out of it.

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What Next?

We are hoping to run more events like this, perhaps a 48 hour version. Stay in touch by subscribing to the email lists we mention on the Feedback Form, by checking the Osho Leela website or by following them on Facebook.

You can find out more about these meditations and about Osho on the OSHO International website.

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...from Nishok - the noises during the discourse were me getting my own signals crossed. I have apologised to Heera for accusing her of making them and now I apologise to everyone else. Sorry. Tech breakdown!