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Donations to Osho Leela

Osho Leela has had to cancel their in-person events for the time being due to the Coronavirus. They are running a whole range of events online instead.

This Meditation Day Online is our way of supporting them through this difficult time - we really want them to be there on the other side. So we're asking you to support them by making a donation. We are suggesting £10-25 for the Meditation Day but whatever is right for you is right.


Nishok, Prabuddho and Smaran

Donate Here

Decide how much you would like to donate and click that button. We are using PayPal. First you will be asked if you want to login to your PayPal account or pay directly by credit or debit card. Then you see your shopping cart with the amount you are donating. Check the amount. Then choose PayPal Check out if you're using a PayPal account, or Check out if you're not. If you're paying directly (no account) you will then need to fill in your card details.

The £ 30+ button is a bit of fun. Your shopping cart will show 1 item worth £ 10. Adjust the quantity in your basket until the total amount is the amount you want to pay. Then check out as above.