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Meditation Day FAQs

What is the Meditation Day?

This online Meditation Day is an opportunity to spend a day exploring the range of Osho's Meditations, learning techniques to practise on your own, and finding insights into your true self. We present a playful one day meditation mix - with time for sharing too.


This event is presented by Nishok, Smaran and Prabuddho, members of a team that have organised Osho meditation retreats at Osho Leela since 2018. Our vision is to share Osho's active, transformational and fun meditation methods for today's humanity.

How will it work?

The retreat lasts for 23 hours. It starts at 8pm on Saturday 16th May and ends at 7pm on Sunday 17th May. So there is one session on the Saturday night and another that lasts through the day on the Sunday. Each session will be a single Zoom meeting. You can join and leave the meetings as often as you like or you can stay tuned in for the whole session.


If you already use Zoom, go on to our "Zoom Skills" page - if there’s anything there that's new to you then you can watch our Zoom Skills video to find out about it.

If you're new to Zoom, it's a conference call program (app) that lets you see and hear everyone on the call. It's simple to use and we provide information about getting started on the "If you're new to Zoom..." page. We also have technical support available if you have a problem or a question.

How much does it cost?

You register for the retreat free of charge. We will be inviting you to make a donation to Osho Leela - suggested donation £10-25. Use the Donate to Osho Leela link on the left to make a donation now.

So what do I need?

You need a computer, a tablet or a phone, and an internet connection. You need a space to meditate large enough for you to dance in, and you need to register for the retreat on the Osho Leela website. It may be useful to read the "Practical Matters" page.

What’s on the programme?

The programme is similar to the one we use for the Osho Meditation Retreats at Osho Leela, and is suitable for newcomers to Osho's meditations as well as those with more experience. The programme is available here…

Inbetween the meditations we will be playing background music. During the breakfast break we will broadcast an Osho audio discourse and during the lunch break there will be videos available.

Do I need the music for the meditations?

No, we will broadcast all the music. If you can connect your computer/tablet/phone to an external speaker or music system then so much the better.

Do I need to register for the Meditation Day?

Yes, you will need to register in advance for the Meditation Day through the Osho Leela website. Registration is free. Registration will close at 1pm on Friday 15th May (ie the day before the event starts).

What happens after I've registered?

We will send you an email once the registrations have closed. This will have the two links you need in order to join the sessions. It will also have the contact details for our Technical Support.

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