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If you're New to Zoom...

Zoom is becoming very popular right now. It''s a good app and it's pretty straightforward to use so we're not anticipating too many problems. However you may need a hand getting off the ground and we will be available to support you doing that.

The Zoom app

The first thing you will need is the Zoom app. If you're already using Zoom then you must already have the app, and if you already know how to join a meeting by using the link in an email then you have covered this page and can go back to the Zoom Skills section.

Desktop or Laptop Computer

If you're using a desktop or laptop computer: Zoom makes its connection using your internet browser plus an app called The first time you try to join a Zoom meeting, you will see a message in your browser saying "If nothing prompts from browser, download and run Zoom." Click on this and the app will be downloaded. You may need to install it for yourself - a simple process once you've located the download! After installation, try again to join the meeting.

Tablets and Phones

If you're using a tablet or a phone: start by going to your app store, search for Zoom and download it. Once you have the app you can join your first meeting. You will be asked a few questions as follows:

Questions 4 and 7 are asked every time you join a meeting and you will see them in the Zoom Demo below. The rest of the questions are only asked the first time you join.

Want to Make Sure You Got It?

Once you're registered, you can set up a practice session with our technical support where you can try out joining a meeting.

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