no picOSHO® Meditation Day

An Adventure Inside

Practical Matters

Your Space

You will need a private space large enough to dance in and a comfortable place to sit fairly upright. Your computer will need to be there and if you can connect it to a music system or external speaker then obviously you'll get more volume and a better quality sound.

Your Neighbours

The meditations include music, dancing, vocalising and - in OSHO Dynamic Meditation - jumping. It's worth thinking ahead about noise levels at different times of the day and what you might need to do to maintain friendly relations with those around you. For example, you could vocalise into a towel or a cushion.


The breakfast and lunch breaks are one hour long and there are also three half hour breaks through the day. We definately advise avoiding heavy or large meals during the day and you might want to plan or prepare ahead.

Joining and Leaving the Meditation Day

You can join each of the two sessions at the beginning and stay in until it finishes. Or you can leave at any point during the session and rejoin leter. However there a couple of things to know about rejoining a session. First, you can't rejoin during a meditation, you need to rejoin during a break (shown in green on the Programme). Please be on time - the last thing we want to do is exclude people, but obviously we can't wait just in case. Second, be patient when you ask to rejoin - sometimes it may take a few minutes for us to let you back into the meeting.

Video on/off during Meditations

Be aware that you always have control over whether your video camera is on or off. So it's up to you to decide whether to leave the video on once the meditations start.


As in most Zoom meetings, it is best to mute your mic when you are not speaking and it's a good habit to check that you are muted when you have just joined a meeting. The meeting host also has the option to mute people's mics.

Inbetween the Meditations

During the breaks we will display programme info on screen and play some quiet music. A few minutes before we resume we'll bang a gong. During the breakfast break we will be playing an audio Osho discourse, the idea being that you can dip in and out of it as you wish. Through the lunch break we will play short videos about the meditations.

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