A Complete Service for the self-publishing author

You've written a book, now you want to turn your manuscript into the finished article - you want it to look good and you want to bring it to the market. So what do you do next?

Tree Tongue offers a complete professional service. We can do any or all of the following, as you require:

• editing and proofing
• typesetting
• photo and image processing
• create diagrams, tables etc
• cover design

We then print a proof for you, make any final corrections and adjustments, and soon after that your book is ready for you to sell.

In addition, we can make your book available through Amazon and through bookshops via Bertrams wholesalers. We will also carry it on our website.

Should you wish to set up your own website to sell the book, we can advise on how to do that. Or we can create the website as well.

Contact us now to find out more.

What is Print on Demand ?

Print on Demand technology is basically a digital printing device which prints and binds books. There are no expensive plates to make up as in traditional printing methods with the result that you can order any number of copies you wish, at short notice,  with no financial penalty for short runs and no need to hold hold large quantities of stock. Order one copy or order a thousand - whatever you need at the time - at a fixed price per copy.