Colour Me Healing

Colourpuncture: A New Medicine of Light

By Jack Allanach

Colourpuncture is the revolutionary new medicine of light founded and developed by scientist and healer Peter Mandel. By focusing coloured light on acupuncture (and other) points on the skin, it energizes powerful healing impulses in our physical and energy bodies.

In Colour Me Healing Jack Allanach tells the story of Mandel's discovery and subsequent evolution of this radical new system, one which could well be the medicine of the future – a medicine of light and colour, rather than drugs. As well as describing the development of Colourpuncture, this unique book offers new insights on the nature of illness and disease and their non-physical origins.

Colour Me Healing is an outstanding and compelling journey. It takes the reader through the development of this new medicine of light to the forefront of modem science and biophysics. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with opening a new window onto emotional disharmonies and the energetic imbalances that cause sickness.

Expertly written and highly readable, this astounding book offers an extraordinary insight into the medicine of the future.

  • Jack Allanach’s own experience of Colourpuncture
  • Peter Mandel’s initiation into the world of healing
  • The nature of illness and disease
  • An explanation of Colourpuncture
  • An introduction by the internationally recognized biophysicist Dr Fritz-Albert Popp


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from the Foreword

Jack Allanach has bridged the worlds of healer and patient, of scientist and layman, to open a new window on the disharmony we call 'sickness' and the harmony we call 'health'.

Dr Fritz-Albert Popp

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A light in the darkness

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Who's that knocking?

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Energy speaks

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Jack Allanach wrote professionally for many years - for television and magazines, and for corporate clients, primarily in information technology and telecommunications. Colour Me Healing is his first book, and has also been published in German and Italian. He and his wife lived in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia, until his death in 2008.

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