Hercules' Labours

The Evolutionary Path round the Horoscope

by Phoebe Wyss

The myths of Hercules’ labours are used as keys in this book to unlock the deeper significance of the twelve houses of the horoscope. These are interpreted archetypally and seen as reflecting the same twelve principles as the signs. Its light and playful style makes Hercules’ Labours very accessible - also to readers unversed in astrology. In order to hear the ancient myths speak to you personally, and uncover your personal agenda of labours, you need to know only three factors from your birth chart. The monsters Hercules encountered, and we must wrestle with, are in the mind. They are projections of the fears and negativity that have prevented us so far from taking our seat on Mount Olympus and realising our true nature as a god among gods


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Readers' Comments

Simply written, though never simplistic, this insightful archetypal tour of the astrological houses provides rich food for thought for novice and experienced astrologer alike. Highly recommended as an addition to any astrologer's library.

Jane Ridder-Patrick, Principal, Scottish School of Astrology,
and author of ‘A Handbook of Medical Astrology.’

Phoebe Wyss leads the reader on a poetic and insightful journey through the houses of the horoscope, with particular reference to Saturn, the great taskmaster and teacher of the heavens.

Frank Clifford, Principal, London School of Astrology.

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Preface - to the reader versed in Astrology

The Fear of Loss

The Art of Dialogue

Waking to the Truth

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Phoebe left an academic career to become an astrologer. After university, with an MA in English (University of Reading) she went to Germany where she held a post as Lektorin at Hanover University for twenty years. Astrology, however, had always been her passion, and in 1985 she gave up teaching English to become a full-time astrologer. From 1985-96 she worked in Germany counselling, teaching astrology classes, holding workshops, and giving public talks. Her astrological board game ‘Lebensrad’ was published there in 1986. 1993 saw the publication of a second board game ‘Die Wendeltreppe’ and ‘Das Orakelbuch’ (Burk Verlag). In 1997 she returned to England, and since then has been working as an astrologer in Hove. She founded the Brighton and Hove Astrology Circle in 2005, which runs a programme of weekly meetings. Phoebe is also a meditator on the Osho path, and feels that her 30-year practical experience of personal and spiritual development has enriched her astrology.

See www.astrophoebe.com

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