A Seam for the Master

by Veena

In her book Veena tells of the 12 years she spent as Osho’s tailor, making the robes, hats, and costumes which people are familiar with from seeing him on the podium during discourses or from watching videos and looking at his photographs.

This is a very humorous, touching and personal story of a Master working with one of his disciples through the medium of sewing, knitting and upholstering. It is probably a unique situation in the history of Master and disciple relationships!


140mm x 216mm


Perfect bound

142 pages

24 pages of colour photographs

ISBN 0-9546099-1-3

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Readers' Comments

It is just that what I read very much brought back those days when we were with the master in the body. Those days were special and you brought them back like they are here and now. I imagine it must be a great insight for people who haven't been there then as well. As far as the 'disaster dress' is concerned, it still totally cracks me up. I could very much feel Osho in your writing. What else can I say but I absolutely love it...
Upavas, Hawaii, USA

I love the way you write! For me it is reading from the heart. I guess that is also the space you write from.
Sucheta, Sweden

Thanks so much for the treat of these stories. It is a pleasure to read these jewels.
Disha, Australia

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First Steps on the Tailor's Path

'The Disaster Dress'

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This book contains 24 pages of colour plates with 65 photographs.

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Veena in 1969, 2 years before she met Osho.


Born in South Africa, Veena travelled in India in 1971 and become one of the first westerners to meet the mystic Osho. She became his personal tailor for 12 years. Veena now lives in England.

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