Virtual Lives

The Animated Zodiac

by Phoebe Wyss

This fun-to-read book starts in the interlife - the life betweenlives. A group of twelve souls, about to incarnate, are receiving last-minuteinstructions from their life coach. Then their journey begins and they takeit in turns to narrate their life stories.

Born under different signs of the zodiac, each demonstratesthe typical traits of his or her archetype. The specific challenges theyface, and the life lessons they learn, are also sign-typical.


140mm x 216mm


Perfect bound

320 pages

ISBN 0-9546099-8-6

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Readers' Comments

For me, astrology is a way of seeing. In this book, PhoebeWyss shows us a new view of the signs of the zodiac. In her lively descriptionof twelve varied characters she has succeeded in adding a refreshingly newperspective to our oldest science.

Greg Szanto, author of 'The Marriage of Heaven and Earth:The Philosophy of Astrology'.

The narratives and dramatisations are rich and full of excitinginterpretations of how the sign archetypes may manifest. Overall this isan exciting experiment in a new genre through which to explain and give deepinsights into astrology. It pioneers what I hope will be many examples thatwill enrich astrological understanding over the years ahead.

Roy Gillet, author of 'Astrology and Compassion: the ConvenientTruth'.

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Zak the Aries

Meg the Virgo

Sid the Sagittarius


Phoebe left an academic career to become an astrologer. Afteruniversity, with an MA in English (University of Reading) she went to Germanywhere she held a post as Lektorin at Hanover University for twenty years.Astrology, however, had always been her passion, and in 1985 she gave upteaching English to become a full-time astrologer. From 1985-96 she workedin Germany counselling, teaching astrology classes, holding workshops, andgiving public talks. Her astrological board game ‘Lebensrad’ was publishedthere in 1986. 1993 saw the publication of a second board game ‘Die Wendeltreppe’and ‘Das Orakelbuch’ (Burk Verlag). In 1997 she returned to England, andsince then has been working as an astrologer in Hove. She founded the Brightonand Hove Astrology Circle in 2005, which runs a programme of weekly meetings.In 2007 her first book Hercules' Labours was published by Tree Tongue.Phoebe is also a meditator on the Osho path, and feels that her 30-year practicalexperience of personal and spiritual development has enriched her astrology.


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