A Walk in the Wood

by Samvado

Samvado is a wood turner and sculptor. In A Walk in the Wood he explains his new aesthetic for craft woodwork in which wood is more than just a material to be worked -  Samvado's sculptures express the unique qualities of each tree he uses.

This booklet is generously illustrated with colour photographs of his work. Also included are a number of short poems which add to our understanding of his singular approach to his art.


148mm x 210mm



24 pages

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Author's Comment

My way of working with wood is also a way of life. I cannot help by now but to see the material in terms of the tree it came from: the life that gave it, and the story of that life still to be read in the annual rings around the heart, in the knots, cracks and grain patterns.

Design arises out of that relation between my skills and what this tree’s story is. After that it’s up to you what you make of it.

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This book contains 10 pages of text and 14 pages of photographs, some with poems.


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This is how I work

As an individual in a crowd, or a tree in a forest, we don't exist in isolation.

Whereas our window on the universe is often mislaid in survival living, sympathetic wooden sculptures remind us through the tree of the larger spheres of life.

Lost in the forest, as a child exploring, small hands, rough, smooth, roots to leaves, marvellous bark. Cut to the radial life written in rings, grain and texture, knots and whirls of colour, randomly pleasing.

Shaping and turning, exploring the text, expressing the presence of this life, the grace, strength and beauty. Presenting these pieces as our reminder of the rewards of slowing down to seasonal pace, of enjoying time out, bring the forest home.

See www.samvado.com

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